International Freight Forwarder

We take efforts to manage our fleet in the best possible manner and buy only new vehicles.

Markpol fleet consists of 30 refrigerated trucks; it is growing thanks to the continuing co-operation with the leading suppliers of transport equipment: MERCEDES, DAF, SCHMITZ and THERMOKING.

We have tractors with semi-trailers with the load capacity up to 23 tons, loaded with 33 Euro pallets. Technical features of our equipment guarantee high quality and the operation of modern trucks, whose age averages about 2 years. We feel responsible for the environment; therefore, all our vehicles meet EURO 5 European ecology standards.

As our vehicles’ safety and reliability is our special concern, they are serviced only by authorised service providers. We ensure the 24/7 tracking of all trucks via GPS and stay in touch with our drivers, who are equipped with mobiles and laptops. All refrigerated semi-trailers have electronic thermographs; registered data is stored in the company database and may be accessed at the client’s request.

Because we ship cargoes for food importers, MARKPOL fleet is maintained sterile and in a perfect condition based on HACCP principles.